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For info and details about all our vendors, click on the Menu icon in the upper right corner of your screen, or the links above. We hope you enjoy browsing!

30th Annual

Christmas in Strafford

Craft Fair

A wonderful way to spend the day!

Where:  The Town of Strafford, NH 03884

When:  Saturday & Sunday December 7th & 8th, 2019

Hours:  9:00 am - 4:00 pm

We are celebrating our 30th year!  On Sunday, the 30th person to visit each home marked with a gift box on the map will win a special gift.

Christmas in Strafford is when the local artisans and craftspeople of Strafford, NH (and friends) open their homes and studios to the public.  Nearly 30 locations are open, with 55+ crafters at local homes and studios, the Bow Lake Grange Hall, Waldron Store and Bow Lake Church. Refreshments are served, and all manner of hand-crafted items are available for sale. Everything is handmade by the vendor; no re-selling is allowed!

Many of our craftsmen are juried members of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, and all our craftsmen offer high quality hand-crafted products.  Click on each name in the menu (above) to view a sampling of offerings at each stop.

The 2019 Map is now available!

2019 Christmas in Strafford Map

This map will help you get around Strafford!  Each stop is marked on the map, with a stop # and a description of their offerings.  As you travel around Strafford, you will see large "Cardinal" signs with the stop # to let you know you have reached your destination.  Through November, you can get a copy of the Christmas in Strafford map at the Strafford Town Hall, Hill Library, Uncle George's Market and Isinglass Country Store, or in the November Strafford Community Calendar.

During the event (December 7 & 8) maps can be found at: Isinglass Country Store, Uncle George's Market, the Waldron Store and the Bow Lake Grange Hall (in the kitchen area), and the Bow Lake Church (in the Idlepines room).

The Grange Hall - Stop #7 

Open Saturday only

The Bow Lake Grange Hall, at 569 Province Rd., will be open with lots of crafters on Saturday, December 7th.  Be sure to stop by to see all the beautiful items displayed there! For more detail see the "menu" above.

A delicious lunch will be served at the Grange Hall on Saturday.  Choose from a variety of soups, stews, sandwiches and desserts...eat in or take out!

There is ample parking and a restroom at this location.

* Please note that the Grange Hall is open on Saturday only *

The Waldron Store - Stop #4

Open Saturday and Sunday

This year the "Waldron Store", at 430 Province Rd., a historical site in Strafford, will present 8 craftsmen. Stop by to see hand-crafted Santas, wood burned trays and boxes, matching baby sets, handbags, beautiful jewelry and more! For more detail see the "menu" above.

There is ample parking and a restroom at this location.

The Bow Lake Church - Stop #30

Open Saturday only

Near the Waldron Store - stop by this location to view the beautiful crafts displayed there. You will find 6 crafters in the Bow Lake Church's Idlepines Room. For more detail see the "menu" above.

Enter the parking lot and go around to the Idlepines room door which is located at the back of the church, on the left as you face the church.

* Please note that the Bow Lake Church is open on Saturday only *

There is ample parking and a restroom at this location.

Registration Information

IMPORTANT Information for vendors who wish to participate in the Christmas in Strafford event:

Everything must be handmade by the vendor; no re-selling is allowed!

The Strafford Resident form should be mailed to Debbie Sawyer.

The form for the Grange, Bow Lake Church and Waldron Store should be sent to Diane Waldron.

IMPORTANT: Spaces in the Grange, Bow Lake Church, and the Waldron Store are sold out for 2019!

Please be sure to choose the form that applies to you and mail it to the appropriate person. Thank you.

Download and print the forms below.



If you are a Strafford resident who would like to participate in this event, OR if you would like to participate at the Grange, Waldron Store or Bow Lake Church: if you have have questions, email Mary Hoyt at bowlake57@metrocast.net or call Mary at 603-686-6454 (cell)

FOR THE Grange, Bow Lake Church & Waldron Store

registration form click here

NOTE: Spaces at the church, grange and store are SOLD OUT FOR for the 2019 event!


FOR THE Strafford Resident/Home participants

registration form click here

Strafford home vendors: Please get your registration forms in as early as possible! Thank you!

More Information


*  23 Strafford homes and studios                 *  Ample parking

*  Bow Lake Grange Hall                                  *  Lunch at the Grange Hall (Saturday)

*  Waldron Store                                               *  Beautiful hand-crafted products

*  Bow Lake Church                                          *  Lots of Holiday Cheer!

*  55+ crafters!

Each location is piled high with beautiful hand-crafted products and is a welcoming place...filled with beautiful items and good cheer!  Be sure to follow the map that will take you to each stop...and be ready to spend a fun day (or two!) in Strafford.