Stop #17 - Open Saturday & Sunday

The Taylor’s & friends

51 fire roAD 29

How can something that tastes so wrong, be so right? NaughtyGood offers chocolate truffles created from wholesome ingredients. Flavor personalities range from dark chocolate, salted caramel, and peanut butter to mocha, mint, and chocolate oat. Our truffles dare to challenge the traditional view of sweet treats, while promoting a message that is bigger than a bite. Naughty and nice…everyone will want to indulge.

Mary Perkins, with Whimsical Stained Glass, is back with her hand-crafted stained glass pieces of unique design, each infused with Reiki Universal Life Energy to bring peace and beauty into each home they go to. Beauty stimulates peace and tranquility.

Renewed and redefined, Circles of Love; by Beth Lano, is back with one-of-a-kind stone and crystal bracelets that are intentionally designed with healing and soul-honoring in mind. Our hope is to help shine light on your purpose and inspire positivity among all.

Joanna Gaeta’s CupcakeCards is a place to get wish bracelets and funny, witty cards. The wish bracelets and couples bracelets are made with love and promote a lifestyle of optimism, positivity and creativity . Both the bracelets and cards are small gestures that bring big smiles!

The 30th person to visit this home wins a special gift!

Credit Cards are accepted at this location.